Emmighausen Garden Rules

Pocket Garden Rules for Emmighausen Garden

gardenPocket1. Each gardener is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of their garden plot. Watering, weeding, harvesting and any other garden-related maintenance are the sole responsibility of the gardener. Gardeners may arrange for other gardeners to maintain their plots but notification to the Garden Coordinator is required if done so.

2. Tools in the locked storage shed will be available for use during the growing season. Only use tools in the manner in which they are intended and share with others as needed.

3. Each gardener will be given the storage shed’s lock combination. Please return all tools and keep the garden shed locked at all times.

4. Children are welcome in the garden but must be supervised by an adult at all times. Children not accompanied by an adult will be asked to leave.

5. Each gardener must complete a ‘Release of All Claims’ form before any work can begin.

6. Garden plots should be cared for at least once every other week. If the gardener is unable to care for their plot during a vacation or for an extended period of time, notification must be given to the Garden Coordinator. If any plot is unattended for more than three weeks without notification, that plot is subject to reassignment or dismantlement.

7. The application of herbicides (weed killers) to the garden plots is strictly prohibited by the City of Rochester. For the safety of all human and pet visitors, only organic products may be used in the garden. Plants affected by blight or insects (thrips, aphids) should be removed and destroyed to prevent further infestation throughout the Pocket Garden.

8. Garden plot assignments will be awarded through a lottery system. Preference for next year’s plots will be given to this year’s participants first. If interest exceeds plots, additional beds may be built.

9. Plot fees are due in full before the gardening season begins. If anything is grown over the winter, like bulbs, perennials, or hardy herbs, next year’s dues are required before planting.

10. Gardeners may only harvest vegetables and flowers from their plot unless there are shared plots or permission has been granted by another gardener.

11. At the end of the growing season, gardeners are responsible for clearing their plot of all plant material and leaving it as they found it in the spring, with the exception of any plants grown over the winter.

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